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Web Development Tutorial For Beginners 2018 / 2019 – how to make a website

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Learn Web Dev the way professionals do! This FULL course covers it all. We’ll learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and the workspace/computer setup that professionals use.

IMPORTANT! If you ONLY want a website for yourself or your business, DO NOT learn all this stuff…it’s a waste of your time.
Instead, click here: to go to WIX ADI Wix is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get a website up and running without learning the skills of a web developer.

Note, that’s an affiliate link, so feel free to snoop around on their site to find the Wix ADI on your own if you don’t want to support this channel.

This first video will get you setup for how to make a website by first setting up your computer for web development.

Next up, we’ll learn HTML for beginners, then start baking in CSS to our HTML!

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25 thoughts on “Web Development Tutorial For Beginners 2018 / 2019 – how to make a website

  1. THANK YOU!!!! I 'VE taken another coding course and couldn't figure out how to do the VIDEO STUDIO CODE EDITOR and it was doing my head in!! I ended up using CODE PEN but video studio code is way better for the intel sense. Although I'm a beginner I can see how Video Studio Code would be easier and less time consuming! Awesome video! good work.

  2. Hi how do you earn from all this free content? I've not even started watching your videos, it looks well organised and easy to start learning. Do you have Patreon or something where people can consider giving back?

  3. Need help! Cant seem to download. Getting error Visual Studio Code can't be opened because apple cannot check if for malicious software. ?

  4. Hello, thanks for all the videos, we are waiting for more!, i always have the question of what is the use of !tab, like the code that displays for what is it for? hope someone could help me

  5. Hi, just want to ask, people saying that you have to learn one languages first before going into another, does this apply to web? Do I have to first to master html then move unto css, etc or learn html and css at the same time? Thanks for answering

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