Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

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WebGL 3D Asteroid Game with HTML 5 audio

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a small webgl 3d asteroid game with HTML 5 audio, done with CopperLicht, CopperCube and WebsitePainter. Demo here: (run only if you have a webgl enabled browser)
More about CopperLicht:

4 thoughts on “WebGL 3D Asteroid Game with HTML 5 audio

  1. Impressive! But webgl do not come enabled be default, and I don't think ask the user to enable it will work at all. This probable will change in future so use CopperCube seems to be a good idea.

  2. While the graphics and performance are commendable, the game is just silly.

    The cursor … uh, er … spaceship can destroy asteroids without any sort of weaponry.

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