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  1. I posted this Youtube video on my Facebook page and this is one of many similar responses that I got back from other Facebook posters who watched this video…

    Many well known companies are posting fake jobs as well. They are required by law to post the job and interview a select few so they don't get into trouble. The few they interview are grilled with these insane multi-interview technical interviews. It makes it easier for them to say you are not qualified. That is their excuse to then go and get a foreign guest visa worker instead that is paid a fraction of what they would have paid you. As much as I don't blame the foreign guest visa workers as much as I blame our corrupt government and officials for allowing big multinational corporations and Silicon Valley Billionaire Oligarchs to use this disgraceful policy in the first place.

  2. I dont know why.. but you sounded so casual the whole interview..IDK . I think im just judgmental. But great work! you made google notice your work and That itself is a great accomplishment !!! GOOD LUCK MAN !

  3. I recently had the first screening interview which was very similar to this, then progressed onto the technical phone interview, was given a moderate / easy question that i had to write code for (in javascript) over a shared google doc, while the interviewer watched me type (not as bad as it sounds). I thought i did poorly but apparently did ok and so progressed onto the final stage (the dreaded full day on site with 5 interviews). That's coming up in 2 weeks. I'll let you know what to expect.

  4. I tried to use this strategy in one of my recent interview but the interview went totally the other way. I guess the interviewer didn’t like me trying to take over the interview. At the end of the interview I asked questions about the company and most of his answer were like its my way or the highway. Well, I’m sad and happy at the same time. I’m sad because I didn’t got the job. And, I’m happy because THANK GOD I didn’t got a job in company with a boss like that. It would have been a nightmare.

  5. Anyone know why is it that the first phone interview is always with a WOMAN who doesn’t even work the in the same capacity as you would if hired? I get this for PM roles and it’s like the chick is not even a PM! She sounds like doesn’t know shit. Giggling like a High School girl taking a selfie

  6. Hey Joshua, sorry if there has been a similar question though I couldn't find one in the comments below.
    Is it possible to share the links that recruiter gave you regarding skills improvement?

    Cheers mate!

  7. omg udemy-ad is really annoying right now—meaningless. i dont know I am watching ad during video. or watching video during udemy ad. when youtube sell to udemy ?????

  8. lol at mentioning stackoverflow…

    Not something you want to do. The industry wants to pretend none of us use it even though a lot of people do. Programming for most people is just about knowing the language (i.e. syntax, best practices etc). Only the top % of developers can really think in algorithms all day

    All these interviews are annoying as hell man, the fact that google has to sort give you a list of places you can use to study is stupid to me. Acing a job interview at google is basically like an exam. It's like studying for the MCAT or something for 4-6 months and then forgetting most of that stuff…

    With that being said, there are genuinely brilliant programmers who think and live by algorithms but the truth is, in my experience, that most developers are not that

  9. omg you are such a badass!! I find it so useful. I work in recruitment on a daily basis and learning how to code in the evenings/weekends and this helps me to both see how other recruiters talk to candidates and learn how to get a job myself. thank you thank you

  10. Dude! If you are interested in marketing position why they should hire you for software developer position? Again, why are you asking negative question that what if you don't get selected???

  11. Why would you ask about the package unless you are selected for the position??? Who asks for remote position to google interviewer??? I feel that completely strange move

  12. I have the content you're trying to sell for $24.99.
    I too was contacted by Google recently and have curated that and everything else over the phone interview for future use.

  13. Are Google folks allow use built in function, methods to arrive at a solution or they simply want the algorithm from scratch? Like to reverse a list can't we directly use list.reverse()?

  14. @Joshua Fluke This is an awesome video and you wouldn't believe how much it has inspired me to keep up what I am doing in school. Is there a way I can get your email so I can ask you a few questions? This will mean a lot to me. Thanks man and keep doing what you do!

  15. Just wondering when will they test your coding skills in depth. Do you first get hired then they fire u if u can't do the job or do they give u a test on the second round of interviews?


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