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What beverages best represent each Linux distro?

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This is a clip from Linux Thursday, originally aired on October 31, 2019.

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20 thoughts on “What beverages best represent each Linux distro?

  1. What about other OS'es, I dunno, for some reason I think of Windows being Coca Cola in that it's commercialized and ubiquitous, OSX being La Croix as it's expensive hipsteresque water, Haiku OS being Matcha Green tea

  2. Linux from scratch is elemental hydrogen with singlet oxygen, you have to combine the single oxygens together to get diatomic oxygen which you can burn with the hydrogen to get water.
    Gentoo is hydrogen, oxygen and a lighter, everything you need to make water, but you have to figure out how not to blow yourself up.

  3. Pop OS is like the small batch soda you can buy like a Jones or Poppe Shop. It’s basically what you know and love but with some care and attention that makes wonderful but your friends wonder what makes it so much more special than just regular Coca Cola and Pepsi Co drinks.

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