Wed. Dec 4th, 2019

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What Happens When Windows 7 DIES?

1 min read

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There’s less than a year before Windows 7 security updates get cut off… What’s an enthusiast to do!?

How to maximize your privacy on Windows 10:

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50 thoughts on “What Happens When Windows 7 DIES?

  1. Considering slapping a relatively new mobo/cpu combo in my RX470/16GB Win7 system, along with a decent size SSD, and just fill it full of nostalgic games and future classics for offline use.

  2. The government needs to regulate what Microsoft can collect. Windows 10 allows them access to cameras, microphone, keystrokes, email, files, contact list and pretty much every personal thing in your life. How is that not against the law?

  3. or just do what i do. have linux, windows 10 and windows 7 on a triboot.. that being said ive been so glad in the past to have a windows 7 iso on hand as its saved so much time.

  4. I've had updates disabled since early 2018 for windows 10.

    – I disabled the service and forgot about it until now lmfao. I reenabled it so that the dark mode will give me the dark explorer now.

  5. I have used Linux for a pretty long time (mostly Mint) in dual boot together with windows. Then slowly stopped switching back and forth (gaming – productivity/browsing) and now I've given up on linux, formatted the drive and don't bother anymore. Windows will be more stable in virtually any application, and I can always use my thumb drive with linux if absolutely necessary.
    Maybe in the future I'll switch back to linux, when compatibility goes up to my standards, but for now I'll stick to simplicity and stability of Windows.

  6. Antivirus protection has NOTHING to do with Microsoft (unless you use Windows Security). Also stop being a scaremonger with that crap about "security updates" or to "stop using the internet". Many users haven't upgraded their Win 7 OS itself in years, they only upgrade their applications and anti-virus-software. And their systems still work great. The only real problems will arrive when your browser, anti-virus software and other third party applications will detect a Win 7 and reject to be upgraded. Until then I see no reason to upgrade if you don't want to. That doesn't mean I'm against Win10. I'm just against these blatant propaganda and people who create FUD just for the sake of it. Instead of this crap you'd better make a clip about how to make Win 10 behave as much as Win7 as possible (in look and feel), and to make people feel welcome in Win 10 instead of scare them (into it)!

  7. The first pc I ever bought was an msi that already had windows 10, so I dont know what i am missing, but this computer seems to run flawlessly with windows 10, except for that one update a few months back….

  8. Win 7 support should have been stopped when Win 10 came out. It is an obsolete OS with a gimmick GUI. Win 8.x was times better under the hood (except for the look).
    I remember having to do a wrestling match with Win 7 to just get different wallpapers on 2 or more monitors. That's when I knew Win 7 was just another fluke OS from MS.
    Those of you, like Linus, who thinks 'it's mature and stable', lol, give me a break. Do some serious computing and you'll soon hit a wall with that toy-OS.

  9. My Ryzen 7 system will continue with Windows 8.1 until 2023. It's sad that AMD don't provide drivers for 8.1, but it's not a problem, nvidia still supports and my GPU is a GTX 680.
    When 2023 comes, maybe I'll migrate totally to Linux (or jump to a new Windows if Microsoft don't stop on 10). My Athlon 64 X2 5600+ has Vista/Xubuntu 18 and my laptop with A8 has 8.1/Xubuntu 18.

  10. Before I watched this, I answered myself this answer: If Microsoft sales go down, Microsoft will try to make customers satisfied by supporting Windows 7 for a few another years or make Windows 10 bit more like Windows 7. If Microsoft doesn't do this, then Microsoft will be bankrupt. Linux and ReactOS will be the dominant OSes and Linux distrubutions like Ubuntu and Kali Linux will be not free anymore. The ReactOS community could make Windows 10 better and then continue development of the Windows OSes made by Microsoft. Maybe ReactOS will be closed source, not free and be a big company like Microsoft is today? I don't know.
    EDIT: After watching this video, I think Apple will be bigger than ever before.

  11. I just love the enthusiasm of saying we'll be screwed after EOL support of an Operating System. I've personally hang on to Windows XP SP3 (clean install without updates) for as long as I wanted, then did the same with Windows 7 SP1 (again, no updates). Did I ever had problems? A huge NO! For most home users, keeping the browser and antivirus updated is enough as long as both support the OS they use. They/we usually do it because if the hardware doesn't change, why does the OS need to?? AS obvious, newer hardware will eventually required a new OS, and I'm fine with that. I'm now using Windows 10 (again, NO UPDATES, currently on 1709), I just do a fresh install wit the newest version once, sometimes twice a year. And guess what's my current e-mail client on Windows 10? Well, Outlook Express, of course!

  12. so towards the time w7 stops getting suported, wil we get a free w10 upgrade, never had the option before and hoping to keep my laptop fresh out of viruses

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