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What Is A Domain Name – ZoxHost

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What is a Domain Name?

By watching this video you will learn what a domain name is and how it works.

Your Zoxhost hosting account supports unlimited domain names and to help you use them effectively each domain name can be assigned to one of several settings, if you’re just getting started with your Zoxhost account these different options can be confusing so in this video we explain the different settings so you know what they mean and how to use them.

First up your primary domain: this is what you might call your main domain name it’s the domain you use to log into your Zoxhost account and it’s what we use to identify your account when you call us.

Your primary domain is assigned to use the public HTML directory and every Zoxhost account has only one domain assigned as the primary domain at any given time.

Parked domains: these are domains that are set up to point to the same website, as your primary domain the parked designation is really useful for when you have one website but want several different domains to point to it.
For example, might be your primary domain and website but you might also wish to register .org and point them all to the same site, it’s for these situations when the park setting comes in handy.

Next up add-on domains these domains are hosted and managed from your main hosting account but they each link to a separate website, use domains as add-ons when creating a completely separate website on your account with its own domain name, the add-on domain designation is how you can easily host and manage multiple web sites from one Zoxhost account

Finally subdomains these are created when prefixes are added before any existing domain name you own, these are a great way to structure your site or create sub-websites that while unique still makes sense to exist under the same name

So that’s it there are a lot of different ways to use domain names with Zoxhost, visit your domain manager to adjust all these settings new domains, renewal ones and more

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