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What is Flipadom, Flipadom Domain Flipping Course

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What is Flipadom? Flipadom Domain Flipping Course. https://bit.ly/2E5TqTj

Flipadom is a video training that shows you a very cool method of identifying profitable domains that you buy cheap and sell on for a significant profit.

You are shown which databases to use to find deleted and expired domain names, that are available to buy, and then you are also shown where you can sell them.

This method is by no means unique, I have seen it before, but it is a viable and sustainable way of making money online if you know what you’re doing.

Inside the member’s area you are given 11 videos which talk you through:

How to filter out the appropriate domain names on the domain databases.
How to identify valuable domain names.
Where to sell them for the highest profit.
How much you need to charge to turn a profit.
And a few other tips and tricks.

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