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What is Multi-Domain Networking Architecture? | David Goeckeler

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What do I mean when I talk about multi-domain architecture? It’s all the components behind the scenes that make a modern enterprise network, from individual access all the way to the application. Traditionally these different components, some of which are composed of tens of thousands of devices, were programmed manually through CLI. New conditions and new demands on the network are forcing us to rethink the old methods and each domain differently. Multi-Domain Architecture is all about stitching each domain together into one cohesive, automated, data-driven network.

It’s all about driving out as much complexity as possible.

About David G: David Goeckeler is the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Cisco’s Networking and Security Business Group with responsibility for more than $32 billion of the company’s global technology business. He leads a global team of over 25,000 engineers and oversees Cisco’s networking and security strategy and market acceleration, including development operations for the company’s expansive technology portfolio and strategic acquisitions. An 18-year Cisco veteran, David is known as a transformational leader with proven business expertise and deep technical knowledge. With a vision to simplify how customers transform their business and capture new opportunities created by the rise of digitization, he is responsible for developing an integrated networking and security architecture at the foundation of Cisco’s technology franchises.

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