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What is OAuth really all about – OAuth tutorial – Java Brains

1 min read

In this tutorial, you’ll understand what OAuth is really all about. You’ll learn why OAuth was created and what problem it solves. We’ll also look at a typical OAuth flow at a very high level so that you have a basic understanding of the interaction.

Java Brains website:

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27 thoughts on “What is OAuth really all about – OAuth tutorial – Java Brains

  1. Very well explained, I've been waiting for this tutorial so long, thank you <3

    I just have one question : what is the difference between OAuth2.0 ( and Auth0 (

  2. Excellent tutorial. But the access token need not be a JWT token always, it can just be a string. OIDC mandates JWT token along with the access token. Correct me if I am wrong

  3. JB – Never thought I would say this to a man.. "You make my weekends come alive".. What a start to this weekend…. Eagerly eagerly waiting for the SAML and SAML Spring integration… My weakest point..

  4. Hey, I'm really great full for your lessons. Early this year, I started watching your series on spring boot and due to that, I was able to get my hands dirty and start using documents. Thank you for giving me the back bone to spring boot

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