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What is the structure of a JWT – Java Brains

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In this tutorial, we’ll understand the structure of a JWT. We’ll see how a JWT is created, what the parts of the token are and how you can construct and deconstruct a JWT yourself. We’ll also look at some of the implications of this JWT structure, and some of the resulting advantages and disadvantages of using JWTs for authorization as a direct result of how it is structured.

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11 thoughts on “What is the structure of a JWT – Java Brains

  1. I was using JWT for months now, But this is the first time I properly understand it. Thanks . Now I must go and implements safety measures in my app.
    Just a question, If Secure signature is linked to the content, and changing content changes that signature, In my current implementation, I have added expiry time ( 24hrs in unix number ) as part of the payload. Do I still need to implement a expired token bucket?

  2. Nice explanation Koushik. However, I am failed to understand the advantage JWT is providing(considering a person is already using OAuth 2.0 which generates some hash as a access token). Coz eventually, JWT has to be sent over HTTPS then why would a person go with JWT if he is already using some kind of hash as the access token for authorization

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