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What Is Web Hosting ? | Shared , Dedicated And VPS Hosting | How To Select Hosting ?

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Learn In Detail What Is Web Hosting , Hosting Types And How to Select The Web Host .

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What Is Web Hosting ? | How to select Best Web Hosting ? | Hosting Types

The web hosting is simply a renting a storage space on the web server in order to make your website live on the internet. Web Hosting is a home for your blog and website .
The web hosting companies rent out storage space on the web server as paid service for hosting the websites , blogs and web applications. The web hosting companies offer different web hosting packages suitable for different hosting needs.
If you are looking for a comprehensive resource for understanding in simple language what is web hosting , different types of web hosting plans , how to select the best hosting plan for your blog or website then you will find this article valuable.
provide the storage space on the web server which provides the run time environment to the websites .
If you are planning to start your blog or a website for your business then selecting the right web hosting is crucial step to ensure its success. The website files are stored on a special computer ( Web Sever ) so that your website is permanently connected to the internet and public can access your website.

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