Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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What's New in Linux Lite? 4.6 Release

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Linux Lite 4.6 is released with dark themes, new tools and persistent USB documentation! This video introduces Linux Lite and covers the new aspects of the distribution.
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28 thoughts on “What's New in Linux Lite? 4.6 Release

  1. The only thing stopping me going full-time Linux is the Wifi drop out – exact same set up in Win10 is wifi consistent, but, in KDE Plasma5 Neon ( my fav Linux ) the wifi will drop out within 20 mins.

  2. It seems odd that a lite distribution doesn't have a 32 bit option. I have no less than three 32 bit laptops and two 32 bit desktops lying around the house that could be made useful with a lite distro.

  3. Linux lite is underrated, IMO.
    It's really stable and hard to brick for newbs.
    I have the 3.6 32 bit version running on acer ZG5 for 3 years and it's fully functional, nothing broken or bricked so far.

  4. fwiw, if anyone insists on Ubuntu, Ubuntu 18.04 does have a 32-bit mini.iso, with which one can customize the installation, such as installing Xfce or vanilla Gnome or server software or LXQt, or just the core utilities. Anything, really. 32-bit 18.04 is an LTS version, but 20.04 won’t have a 32-bit option. I’d rather use another distro, but I know some people really like Ubuntu.

  5. Honestly, at this point, I am surprised more distros don't ship with Timeshift preinstalled. If Linux is the best thing since sliced bread, Timeshift is the second best.

    And Tony George is an awesome guy, I emailed him asking if there were a way to go back and add comments to pretaken snapshots, because I don't always think or feel like typing out §§ timeshift –create –comments "<text here>" §§ and just wind up instead typing §§ timeshift –create §§ and he responded like the next day and said, "No, but I will add that in the next version."

  6. Looks like a great distro for getting a not-very-technical friend or family member started with Linux. Ubuntu for driver support, built-in snapshot tool, XFCE's Mac-like centralized config, runs on relatively low-spec hardware.

  7. Lite and Peppermint are really great options for low spec hardware. I think I lean a bit more towards the Peppermint side at the moment but there's not much in it. Of course there is also MX 🙂 Oh, have you actually 'installed' numlockx yet? 'Sometimes' physically installing that helps get that numlock light on after you've logged in. Thanks for the excellent review, Tom.

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