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Where You Should Host Videos Online & Why

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There are a lot of different places online to host your videos.

In this video I walkthrough five different video hosts. I explain why you’d want to host on a free site like YouTube, give you the two best options for private video hosting, explain why iTunes video podcasts are an untapped market, and cover why video analytics and privacy are important factors in your decision.

## Written Summary

1. YouTube

YouTube is where you have to be putting your public videos. It is where the audience is, how they can find you, and consume your videos the easiest.

Free option
Where most people go to watch videos
2nd largest search engine
You can grow a channel with a trailer, subscribers, playlists, etc.
Monetize with enough views
Con: YouTube could shut you down at anytime
Con: Lose viewers in the rabbit hole of cat videos and epic fails

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is best for filmmakers that are building a portfolio, try to sell their films, collaborate with others, and don’t want to deal with ads.

Video for “artists” like filmmakers and animators
Paid option gives more space and branded pages
Can sell access to videos
Better quality comments
Follow “staff picks” for inspiration
Con: Shows up in Google searches, but not YouTube searches
Con: Channels aren’t the best for viewing playlists, converting subscribers, etc.

3. Wistia

Wistia is best for private videos that are within paid or free courses and placing individual public videos on specific opt-in pages of your site.

The best private video hosting option
Have used it for my course videos and at
Best video stats and analytics available
Can link specific users/customers to watch they’ve viewed
Customizable, unbranded embeddable video player
Turnstile feature allows for capturing email addresses
Easy to create video SEO sitemaps
Simple domain restrictions for where videos can be posted
Chapter markers, closed captioning and more
Best customer service
Con: No public search on Wistia for people to find your videos organically.
Con: No channels with playlists or the ability for people to subscribe.

4. iTunes Video Podcast

If you’re already making videos for another platform like YouTube, reach a larger audience by putting them on iTunes too.

Not a lot of people hosting their videos in podcast form yet, but the audience is there
The two best hosts are Libsyn and Podbean
I went with Podbean because they had an unlimited video plan for $25/mo
You can choose categories for your video podcast just like an audio one
People can subscribe and have it automatically downloaded
With just a couple hundred downloads you can show up in overall New & Noteworthy
8 Weeks of exposure in N&N can help build momentum & an audience
Con: You’ll need to export a specific version of your videos for iTunes that is a smaller file size, which means lower quality
5. Self-Hosting on Amazon S3

Self-hosting on Amazon S3 is best for back-up copies, but not for letting people watch from. Only use self-hosted as a back-up for your videos on another platform. It can get expensive and complicated to stream from S3 to your site.

Amazon S3 with a custom player
Has the best privacy and control
Good place to keep back-ups of all your finished videos in case something happens to your host’s copy.
Con: Can get expensive
Con: No good way to collect stats
Con: No automatic bandwidth/quality changes


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  1. i want to use videos on my website, but i"m a bit worried if i use the websites hosting to display the video, it might slow down the website if its viewed to much, on the other side…. i really don't want youtubes autoplay/adds or end screens on my website, it just looks dirty and distracts the audience, guess im going to have to spend some monny here.

  2. I'm using JULBUL; I paid a one-time fee and now enjoying 5 beautiful player skins with unlimited color options. I really hate monthly payments.

  3. Do you think there is a way to have some sort of hybrid arrangement where Youtube can be your primary 'front door' to your videos, but when a viewer click the YT Video it seamlessly redirects to a platform where the video resides and has immunity to YT policing?
    This way a content creator can have the benefits of YT/Google search features, channel features, playlists etc but the main content will not subject to YT privacy policy etc. Perhaps the video will have a brief (sterile) introduction on YT and then flow smoothly into the third-party video server.

  4. Always host your videos on YouTube and use Julbul if you want to get Wistia/Vimeo player layout for your youtube embedded videos. This is the best combination I've found so far 🙂

  5. Hey, Caleb. Where will you recommend to host videos a lot of videos,1000 or more?For public use and not to overwhelm hosting company. I will need stats for sure.SEO is must for the project. I want to have videos on WordPress but hosted somewhere else to have fast uploading speed to watch them. Thanks for sharing !

  6. Thanks for the video. Just found your channel and I'm finding lots of great info. What do you suggest for short films or documentaries you might want to charge for? Would like to do a small fundraiser for a local museum and give an online option for a history documentary. Use Vimeo or can you use itunes affordably for small projects?

  7. What about hosting your videos from Google Drive? You can host there and embed on your website. It's basically the same player as Youtube but without the social aspect (no sharing). Great video.

  8. Great info….But I wish you would of talked about how much Wistia costs a month for you compared with Vimeo? How much did it run Fizzle a month etc. Just curious what you spend a month on Wistia?

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