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Which is better, a managed server or shared hosting? – Scala Hosting

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Scala Hosting review:

Scala Hosting price:

1. Shared Hosting: $4.95/mo
2. WordPress Hosting: $4.95/mo
3. Email Hosting: $3.95/mo
4. Reseller Hosting: $10.95/mo
5. Cloud VPS: $12.00/mo

Okay, so you’d run a website on a shared hosting server and you might already be aware that shared servers can bring you quite a lot of security issues.

They are easily hacked, which leaves you vulnerable to having your important data deleted or exploited. If the IP of the shared server gets blacklisted due to a compromised website, your email will be blacklisted as well.

Shared servers are easily overloaded because they host hundreds of websites and when that happens, your website becomes slow and making your visitors leave and reducing your sales. All of that can make running your website a living hell.

But what if there was a better way, a solution that will get your website, the security and resources it deserves at an affordable price? Well now there is and you can find it at Scala Hosting a fully managed cloud server, which will improve security hundreds of times and will make your websites load fast at all times and your emails will always reach the recipient’s inbox.

Scala Hosting, we’ll migrate all your websites for free and ensure they work correctly. There will be no downtime or data loss during the migration. The only thing needed from you is login details to your old server. Don’t risk having your website compromised and your emails blacklisted. Get your own server today.

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