Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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Why Solus 4 Gnome (3.34) My Favorite Linux Distro

1 min read Link to get a FREE copy of Solus Linux
Solus is my distro of choice because it is Independent, Ultra Stable, with the newest packages & software, while not being based on another distribution. Solus offers everything most Desktop Linux users would need while being New User Friendly. Solus comes in 3 flavors the Flagship Budgie Desktop, as well as Gnome and Mate.
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2 thoughts on “Why Solus 4 Gnome (3.34) My Favorite Linux Distro

  1. I use to like Solus, but they change gnome. Took out the things they think you can go without. But the biggest problem for me is the main developer is a total smart arse. He just can’t answer a question without putting shit on the person that asked it.
    Just look at there forms and look at all his comments.

  2. I love your voice, it has radio vibe to it.
    Great look at Solus, very indepth and I like the fact you like it is independent… I like that…
    Being British, I would pronounce it Pit-tee-vee 🙂
    Thank you for uploading!

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