Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

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Will Elm or Typescript Replace JavaScript?

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Many young nerdling developers, are curious whether a new language will replace JavaScript. Some think that TypeScript, or Elm could do it. But how likely is it? Can marginally better languages replace one of the most popular programming languages in the world?

… How about CoffeeScript, or Dart? Will they replace JavaScript?

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42 thoughts on “Will Elm or Typescript Replace JavaScript?

  1. JavaScript, especially the versions before ECMA6, is a really bad programming language.
    The reason for its popularity is its monopoly on the web browser.
    Has there been an assembly for the web from the beginning or early on to which any language could compile to, Javascript would be non-existent now.

  2. About the Ruby on Rails, back then it was so complicated for me, you had to use Gem to install gems you had to configure it, if you want to deploy your app you need capistrano.. few years later in PHP i use composer to download dependecies, i use deployer to deploy my app to servers and have the feeling that ruby was already there where PHP is now 😀 still dont like the ruby syntax

  3. Vanilla JS for the win. Will be on top for many years to come, despite some pushing technology that we don't really need and selling it like the hottest shit

  4. I keep telling people that learning a programming language is only 10% to 20% of the effort and gets you no where on its own. What you really need to aim for is experience with frameworks+ecosystems and systems architecture, that's what takes the most time. If you're in ReactJS, you should probably get really good with React Router, a state management system (native state, redux, mobx etc…), graphing libraries etc… If you're in .NET, get use to the Azure ecosystem, table storage, team foundation etc.. etc.. If its wordpress, get use to their theming system, page builders, woocommerce, etc… It's the ecosystem and frameworks, that you need to learn which then influences your system's design. Coding or a programming language on its own won't get you anywhere.

  5. I agree with the message you are saying. But just to nitpick on technology: Typescript vs. JavaScript is a bit different situation compared to Elm vs. JavaScript. You can use Typescript as a tool to augment your JavaScript code, so it could also complement JavaScript (like Flow), not only replace it.

  6. I agree with you Stefan Mischook 🙂 These front-end transpiled JavaScript dialects are not a game changer, do you remember CoffeeScript? Nobody talks about that anymore 😀

  7. Typescript fix problems that you have with Javascript because you lack the knowledge and don't know JS properly(You don't know well JS Type system and how JS does coercion), yet at the same time it introduced new problems that Vanilla Javascript never had.

  8. TypeScript can't hurt to pick up. It will not "ruin" your JavaScript capabilities but make certain things easier. If you are proficient in JavaScript, spend an afternoon to get a good idea of TypeScript.

  9. Since both compile to JavaScript… I don't think so.

    I think Elm could enjoy a larger circle of programmers because its language is clean and simple(basically take Haskell and offload all the Monad(state changing operations) shit to the environment but maintain all the sane parts). I played with Elm a year or so ago and it is a pleasant language if you are comfortable with immutable data structures.
    I think all web developers should experience Elm to see how the other half(functional programmings) lives.

  10. TS is all disadvantage, MicroTrash, the Virus maker is behind it. Remember where ASP is now 🙂 Microsoft belongs to trashbag, MAFIA and gatekeeping, like his little friends, Adobe and Intel,nvidia. "OH TS IS HUGE" Right 🙂 as big as ASP? :)? Microsoft go back to your garbage bag 🙂
    Microsoft devs don't like you, get lost!

  11. Those languages are compiled into JavaScript, and JavaScript is still developing so those languages have to keep up with it to support all it's features. I don't really see how they could completely replace it.

  12. Vanilla javascript has been replaced by jquery a long time ago; there is no need for something else. Easy to use, millions of tutorials, plugins and answered questions. And its use is still growing daily.

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