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Wix Design Tutorials: Creating a One-Page Website with Hover Effects

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In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a one-page website with interactive hover effects. I’ll also add the Wix Music player. This technique is great for any website, but especially when designing a musician portfolio or album release.

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19 thoughts on “Wix Design Tutorials: Creating a One-Page Website with Hover Effects

  1. 1- Everything is beautiful in Wix:
    but the sites are very slow to load pages, especially in phones and tablets This is uncomfortable for the customer Please pay attention to this.

    2- And I hope there will be more applications and more programs work with Wix.

    3- A mobile application is beautiful
    but it is work very slow to upload pages and to control it working slowly

    4- The big problem is when you build your website on the Wix platform You don't have full control of the mobile or tablet field to customize your side.

    5- When I add the new task on the Wix mobile or in Wix platform
    I don't receive notice of this task when it's time.

    Sometimes I received by email only.

    Please pay attention to all this feedback thank you

  2. Wonderful design and this expanded my knowledge of wix. I was wondering if this design style has a good solution to design a mobile version via using wix?

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