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WordPress Hosting – What is it and is it worth it?

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Picking a host for your website can be confusing. This video will help you understand the difference between shared hosting, cloud hosting and WordPress hosting.

Get Affordable Shared Hosting:

Not all hosting is the same, and in my opinion… some are a bit deceptive.

37 thoughts on “WordPress Hosting – What is it and is it worth it?

  1. Affordable clarification. At one time I was at a crossroads, what type of hosting to choose. At first I leaned towards shared hosting, and after I came across a site and decided on the choice. By the way, they have a CDN, maybe someone needs it, you never know

  2. Subscribed and thumbs up. Thank you so much. You set me ahead LIGHTYEARS. I was afraid to ask these questions in presages because they would try to upsell me.

    I had used web authoring apps like apple iWeb ever 10 years ago for a site. Now I need to enter the wordpress world.

    I have four domains…

    Three personal, with the possibility of making one an commerce one to sell photography.

    The fourth belong to a non profit which I will probably have it be on its own hosting b/c it will be billed separately.

    The three above are my personal websites. I didn't even know what "Share hosting" meant! what I learned was:

    I guess I should stay away from the "for WordPress" tiered plans…

    I should not compromise on a Cpanel

    What hosting company allows me to maintain three domains on a single hosting account. I was looking at,,, and Thanks!

  3. Thank you for explaining the difference between hosting types! I got stuck when my shared hosting wasn’t enough for my WP website anymore. I upgraded and switched to, and things got better. So far their service works great for my content-rich site, their speed and uptime are good.

  4. is this information still valid after one year now? i mean, for example those features in CPanel haven;t by any chance to be added to wordpress hosting?

  5. Thanks for the simple explanation. I have been using a free WordPress blog and want to start with a hosted website for my blog. Was very confused between shared hosting and WordPress hosting plans offered by bluehost. After watching your video I have decided to go with shared hosting. Just another question – will I be able to monetize my blog site with Google AdSense in case of a shared hosting website?

  6. Thanks for the facial expression. But I think that a very good environment under WordPress offers GetLark. Also LiteSpeed, SSD and 14 day trial period

  7. So if I build a WordPress website for a client rather than from scratch should I charge them extra so I can purchase the WordPress business plan and put it online with no WordPress branding for them or with some other host like goDaddy? Thanks!

  8. Thank you so much for this video. I was exactly thinking about the same, WP offers the same thing than a hosting site service, then why would I go through a hosting company¿ but now I understand the value added by cpanel function, so thank you¡

  9. For WordPress hosting it really depends on platform you are using. A host I have used for managed WordPress hosting in the past is DreamHost. You can manage your files via FTP if you want, you can move your WordPress site off them, so the part about not being able to access your files with managed WordPress hosting is very situational and depends on platform. I feel the main reason to use managed WordPress hosting is just because it makes the site more reliable, at least with DreamHost it does. Your resources scale depending on how much you need, so in theory your site should never go offline.

  10. I recommend a modern and incedibly simple hosting platform for 14 days for free (later only 60 USD annualy). In addition, free SSL, very good technical support, automatic backup, autoamatic installer and very good cooperation with GetLark.

  11. First of all, BIG THANKS for your good work!

    I wish to design a website for my business. Do I have to code my website if I choose "Shared hosting"? I don't know how to and what to do with databases? Still confused, can you help me?

  12. If you need good hosting for WordPress, then see out at There you will find well priced packages in relation to their capabilities and you will also get a 14-day test period for free, after fee will then be USD 60 per annum. I will add that they have a very simple dashboard, and very good customer support.

  13. Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I've been researching for a few days and this just resulted in so much confusion! You explained it all very simply and honestly in around 10 minutes. 🙂

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