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World's Best Universal Car Mount – Exomount 2 demo by EXOGEAR

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For more details please visit:
Exogear presents the 2nd generation exomount: stronger, sturdier and more durable than ever before. Made for iPhone, iPod, Smartphones and GPS.The same great patented suction technology is stronger than ever mounting on any flat dashboard, windshield, glass, plastic, wood, metal and even drywall. The exomount 2 can handle more smartphones including the iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 and even the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note with its reinforced ball joint to handle more weight and keep it steady enough to record video smoothly while driving. And of course with all the improvements we’ve made the exomount 2 more durable and able to handle more harsh environments than its predecessor the original exomount. Get your all new exomount 2 today at made for iPhone 5.

20 thoughts on “World's Best Universal Car Mount – Exomount 2 demo by EXOGEAR

  1. Looking at buying this in the UK, is this the same as OSO Mount? Looks it, cant seem to source ExoGear. Also what is the song in the background? I feel like I've heard it before but cant quite put my finger on it!

  2. Just got one from amazon, is ok, the plastic felt cheap, the neck very weak, easy to break. it's shake a lot when i go over the bumps. They need to improve on the quality. I would rate it 3 star.

  3. Been looking for something like this. Definitely getting one 🙂 but i'm wondering if it only mounts on flat surfaces? I want to mount it at a certain spot in my car that is slightly round.

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