Sun. Dec 8th, 2019

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Yunqin Zheng | Symmetry Enriched SU(2) Yang-Mills, Time Reversal Domain Walls…

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On December 2-4, 2019 the CMSA hosted a workshop on Quantum Matter as part of our program on Quantum Matter in Mathematics and Physics.

Speaker: Yunqin Zheng, Princeton

Title: Symmetry Enriched SU(2) Yang-Mills, Time Reversal Domain Walls and Gauge Enhanced Quantum Critical Points

Abstract:I will discuss the time reversal and Lorentz symmetry enriched SU(2) Yang-Mills theory at $theta=pi$. I will first review the ’t Hooft anomaly of this theory and discuss how it depends on the symmetry enrichments . ’t Hooft anomaly implies that the low energy theory must be nontrivial, and this talk mainly focuses two low energy scenarios. In the first scenario, the time reversal symmetry is spontaneously broken, and I’ll discuss the theory on the time reversal domain wall and study its symmetry enrichments. In the second scenario, SU(2) Yang-Mills at $theta=pi$ flows to a deconfined time reversal symmetric U(1) Maxwell theory. I will discuss the quantum phase transition between the U(1) gauge theory to a trivial vacuum, through a SU(2) QCD with fundamental fermions. This talk is based on the work arXiv: 1910.14664, arXiv: 1904.00994 and arXiv: 1812.11968.

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