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Zabbix install on CentOS

1 min read

This video show the steps to install zabbix (here 1.8.4) on CentOS 5.5.

This installation is using the php version 5.1 which does not provide json_encode/json_decode.

Soon, I’m going to provide a video with zabbix on php 5.2.

For more detailed information go to:

Sorry but there is no audio yet.

3 thoughts on “Zabbix install on CentOS

  1. @andrejkvasnica That is the reason there is a link in the description, since I posted the video to a page where ppl can copy/paste…

  2. @andrejkvasnica hey why not: "CentOS installation and reboot and dependency packages installation and Mysql initialization and configuration and database schema creation and Zabbix compilation and installation and php configuration video"? 😉

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