Fri. Dec 13th, 2019

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Zabbix Proxy Installation And Configuration

1 min read

Centos 7 Minimal Install
Zabbix proxy with MySQL
All configuration is done on localhost virtual machine.
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11 thoughts on “Zabbix Proxy Installation And Configuration

  1. if you are using different server as proxy, you need to reconfigure zabbix-agent on the monitored server to accept connection from proxy server so in active server ip you put the main and the proxy. he did not do it because he was using the same machine. good luck ; )

  2. buenas hermano tengo una pregunta que hace este proxy en realidad soy nuevo en zabbix y si me lo pudieras explicar de una manera sencilla estaria agradecido.
    tambien tengo otra pregunta instale zabbix en debian 8 y estoy agregando dispositivos como router o switch lo que no se es donde se guarda los datos que captura el servidor por snmp si los guarda en el mismo servidor o donde.

  3. How do we decide database size for zabbix proxy ?

    Do i need to have same mysql db major and minor versions for zabbix server and zabbix proxy ?

    does zabbix proxy always keep all the data in its local db or does it delete the data from its local db after transferring data to zabbix server?

  4. Very nice videos – thanks a lot for making them. Looking forward for the next ones. It would just be really nice if you could start using Zabbix 4.0 as it has already been officially released and it is the next LTS that will stay with us for quite some time…

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