Wed. Dec 4th, 2019

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ZFS Isn’t the Only Option | Self-Hosted 5

1 min read

Getting your storage setup just right often takes making painful mistakes first. We share ours, our current storage setups, when ZFS is not the tool for the job, and what you should consider when protecting your data.

Plus, we share a few recent project mishaps.

00:00:00 Shinobi stutters
00:04:24 Statping issues
00:07:49 When Not to ZFS
00:35:46 #AskSSH

Show Notes & Download:

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4 thoughts on “ZFS Isn’t the Only Option | Self-Hosted 5

  1. 36:00 No, you don't need 1GB ram per 1TB data on ZFS. Please ;_;
    It was never true. For home use 2GB can be enough, depending on your use case. And ZoL will use half of your ram by default.
    You might need way more ram with reduplication on.

  2. A great storage system that is often overlooked is BTRFS RAID1. It's not like typical RAID1, it can take multiple odd sized drives and all it does is make sure that two copies of everything exists somewhere among the drives. It has all the checksum advantages, it has fault tolerance, can optimize mismatched drives, and is usable in real-time.

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