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Zorin OS 15 Lite Review | New Linux User, Old Computer?

1 min read

It’s time to review the lightweight Xfce 4.14 toting Zorin OS 15 Lite Edition. Polish, performance, and excellent software support for all those users abandoning Windows 7 in January 2020 and looking for an alternative.

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32 thoughts on “Zorin OS 15 Lite Review | New Linux User, Old Computer?

  1. I am trying my best to move to Linux at least in my laptop. However they are some things not that polish for laptop users, my track pad doesn't have the gestures that I used to have with windows 10, I used libinput but it's not the same, for example pich to zoom doesn't work. Also my fingerprint doesn't work. I had to install a app apart called tweak to use my workspaces in the right way. And transitions doesn't feel so quick as in windows. I will chekc if I can acelerete then and fix the rest of my issues. But thats my point. I think it shouldn't consume me more time than windows to do the same things for me to recommend it to others.

  2. I would prefer someone choose Linux Mint. It's way easier to learn and has fancy animations, better updating, etc…
    also there's an XFCE version which is just about the same as the default

  3. firstfull thank you so much

    wonderfull amazing beatufull l like that l am using now realy lite
    l hate only 2 things
    lite version no need libreoffice and other apps please next version need only web browser no more app if we want install zorin appstore
    thank you so much again

  4. The key aspect to windows 7 users is how they can have seamingless migration experience and smooth transaction from their existing workflows. Your video does not talk about any of that.

  5. Are you even remotely aware that the VAST majority of potential users coming from Windows haven't got a friggin clue what you are talking about??
    The way you rattle through this yer preaching to the converted.. you are talking to those who have already made the jump to Linux!
    Classic example of how to put Windows users right off Linux…. smh

  6. Uses about 50% more RAM than Zorin_Lite_12… also the Power Management insists on standby after 5 minutes of inactivity regardless of settings. Suspect both due to XFCE bling.
    No cigars to be smoked (just yet… early days).. but for any Windows refugees…. watch this space cos Zorin is very user friendly, and believe me I've tried a few, and I totally AM a noob!

    Also, show some love to Vivaldi browser! 🙂

  7. As someone who repairs PCs and laptops for a living, I regularly get customers bringing in Windows 7 even Windows XP machines!! With that said, I think it's clear the Zorin development team understands their target audience. Very cool!

  8. Does this come with Zorin connect? I tried kde connect on Zorin Lite 12 and it wouldn't work. Also do you have to start from scratch if you're wanting to upgrade to 15 or is there an update path? Thanks.

  9. Nice distribution. I installed the core edition to my parents in law, and they are using it instead of windows 10 without many issues: sounds strange, but believe it or not, the biggest problem they had was indeed the default theme… The dark is too dark, the light is too light… And they were missing the icons they were accustomed with after so many years of windows. But hey, this is still linux btw! I installed a windows 10 theme for gnome shell and… problem solved! They seem to be pretty satisfied with the experience. Zorin feels snappy and light on their 5 years old desktop PC. Too bad LibreOffice looks like a plastic FisherPrice toy…

  10. Good Vid! Thx.

    This looks amazing, however, I think Flathub should be enabled by default. Most Windows 7 users have no idea about Flathub/Snap/AppImage or Debs.

    Can you tell us if Zorin Connect is installed by default?

  11. Windows users will always reluctant to switch to an OS that let them do some actual work. Why work when you can enjoy never ending coffee breaks while windows is updating and updating and rebooting and updating ?

  12. You could probably describe me as Linux Curious. But after installing Win10 on my old Win7 laptop, this looks like a viable alternative as Win10 is far from snappy. I'm heavily dependent on Google based stuff like Drive and Chrome though. Will Chromium do everything that Chrome does?

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